This is who we are.

We represent high quality, high performance manufacturers in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho and Montana) to architects and designers looking for something excellent, something outstanding, something different. Most of our projects are commercial, but we enjoy residential work also.

The most important thing to know about us is that we really love what we do. Our core is made of design, aesthetics, the symmetry between architecture, space and emotion. The manufacturers we rep meet our highest standards so we can meet yours. As the bridge between product and space, we focus on facilitating a relationship of trust and transparency.

Let’s work together.


Larry Hartman

Rita Hartman



On getting started

Throughout my career I have been dedicated to working hard, being fair and honorable and having fun while I'm at it. We founded Hartman Ltd. with these principles and the desire to represent high quality manufacturers of innovative products. I have always learned much from the people I meet and know I will continue to find that in my current and future endeavors. (Larry)


On being easy

Our goal, beyond consistency with what products we offered, was to be known for superior customer service. We are known for stepping in when there is a problem, becoming part of the solution. We became a go-to resource for the design community because we are responsive and easy to work with, we have fun and we have great products to boot! (Rita) 

On moving on

New projects, learning and more fun ahead. Fly fishing, fly tying, guitar and getting to read a book in the middle of the day are on my regular to-do list. To steal one from Ken Kesey, the destination on this bus is "further." (Larry) 

It is exciting to finally have some time to be creative! I continue to tweak my "famous" garden and am using my plant material for Ikebana arrangements, a lifelong interest. It is so good to know that Hartman Ltd. continues to thrive. (Rita)


American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Alaska

International Interior Design Association (IIDA), Pacific Northwest Region

Interior Designers of Idaho (sponsor)