Don Myrick



On being focused

We've continued to put together a great group of products that speak to the various opportunities that a space offers. We can speak to a lot of different issues with a specifier, and that's a natural and intentional pivot.


On inside-out marketing

I think we have a social responsibility to be improving the environments where people spend so much time. The message about the product – conceptually, and how it solves problems, is more important than the product itself. When we sit down with a specifier, we might spend an entire lunch not talking about the product. To me that’s a win.


On real life

We live in a very special place. I’m working on a vintage 1969 airstream in between my time in the forest for those morning walks with the Paddie dog, swimming with a great group of Masters, remaining open to exploring new music and lifestyle changes with my family. My daughters Hannah, the college sophomore, and Mimi, now a mother, continue to make me aware of the constant change that is life. One of my favorite things to do is ride the ferry, and that’s often part of my daily work. Every ride is unlike the last. I just don’t think it gets better than this.