Jolie Cawelti


On lovely shoes

My love of design started with a pair of yellow patent leather Mary Janes. I would look at those shoes and their pearl button closure thinking there couldn’t be anything better in the whole world.  This idea that the smallest of details can make a big impact, has been with me throughout my Interior Design career.


On how to succeed

My role at Hartman is a multi-faceted one, providing support in a variety of areas that will assist in finding the best solution for our clients.  The years of experience the Hartman group brings to the table is undeniably some of the best. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this terrific group of people.


On boundless beauty

The Pacific Northwest has been my home since I was 4 years old. There is no place I would rather be. My husband Craig and I have an endless list of places to eat and explore together. We feel blessed to live in such a bountiful area that offers the sea and mountains within a short distance from our home.