Kymmberly Myrick

Senior Vice President


On Hartman's efforts

Our goal is to make everything easy. We have good, strong communication with our manufacturers and it’s a priority for us to communicate with our designers and architects at every step of the process. Don and George are so good with relationships – they set expectations and check in if things change. 


On being of service

I’m a little more behind the scenes – my primary responsibility is the details. I’m not out in the field meeting with designers and architects, but I often get the pleasure of working with them later when we’re sussing out the specs on a particular product. I love helping people with creative solutions.


On life outside

I’m very curious. I like to learn new things. This drives my reading, my passion for podcasts, music and long discussions with friends. I swim, hike, walk and do everything I can to spend more time with Don, my daughters Hannah and Mimi, son-in-law Raphi and granddaughter Lucy.